[KOR/ENG] 세상 쉬운 김치 볶음밥. Korean Kimchi Fried rice 정통vs퓨전


#김치볶음밥 #KimchiFricedRice #간단한한끼 #SuperEasyMeal #치즈볶음밥 #Cheese Hi Guys. Welcome to MonkeySee MonkeyDo Cookbang kitchen I am here to demonstrate Korean Cookbang in English to share our authentic Korean cuisine. Learn different Korean dishes simply by watching what I do in this video and try make it at home Big thumbs up for those people clicking “like” and “subscribe”. Thank you for watching my Cookbang channel *Tip of success in making perfect Kimchi Fried Rice 1/ When frying Kimchi in the pan and when they start sticking around the pan, then simply add a little bit of water (no more oil), Repeat until Kimchi is cooked to your liking. 2/ Amount of protein, Kimchi and rice you add is all up to you. But the ideal ratio of ingredients and rice is 1:1 3/ I recommend using oyster sauce to adjust your taste of the Kimchi fried rice at the end. But also soy sauce or salt is also ok. 4/ Sunny side up fried egg is a must when serving Kimchi fried rice *Ingredients 1 cup Kimchi 2 Spring onions(Optional) 2 Frankfurter Sausage Spam (optional) 1 tsp Oyster sauce (adjustable) 2 eggs Sugar & vinegar (adjustable) Mozzarella Cheese (Optional) TBS = Tablespoon tsp = TeaSpoon Cup = 250ml