[KOR/ENG] 두명이먹다 두명이죽어도 모르는, 고추마늘치킨. KOREAN Chilli Garlic Fried Chicken


Hi Guys. Welcome to MonkeySee MonkeyDo Cookbang kitchen I am here to demonstrate Korean Cookbang in English to share our authentic Korean cuisine. Learn different Korean dishes simply by watching what I do in this video. I would appreciate it if you can select “like” and “subscribe” if you enjoyed the show. *Tip of success in making perfect Korean chili garlic fried chicken* 1/ Try to use small chicken 700g- 1.1 kg sized, or use chicken nibbles 2/ When making batter, use cold water, or even cold beer 3/ make sure you double fry the chicken to allow extra crunchiness for a long time #KFC_CravingCure_in_Covid19 #CrunchKoreanFriedChicken #바삭치킨 #고마치킨 #치맥KoreanChicken_Beer #야식NightSnack *Ingredients 1 whole chicken (I used 1kg small whole chicken) Garlics Chung Yang Korean chili or fresh Jalapeno (optional) Korean deep frying powder Mat-So-Geum (Korean flavouring salt) or you can use other flavouring salt like garlic herb salt Ground pepper *Signature chili garlic sauce 2 TBS Minced garlic 8 Chung Korean Chilli or Fresh Jalapeno [optional] 2~3 Dried Sichuan chili [optional] 1 Spring onion [optional] 2 TBS Mirin(Asian Cooking Wine) or Soju 2 TBS Oligodang (Korean Corn Sugar Syrup) 4 TBS(60mm) Korean Soy Sauce 2 TBS Brown Sugar TBS = Table Spoon tsp = Tea Spoon