[KOR/ENG]밥도둑 김치 찜 하면 “돼지갈비김치찜” 이지 All time Korean favourite “Braise pork ribs with aged Kimchi”.


#김치찜#kimchiStew#돼지갈비#BraisedPorkRibs#안주#Anju Hi Guys. Welcome to MonkeySee MonkeyDo Cookbang kitchen I’m here to demonstrate Korean Cookbang in English to share our authentic Korean cuisine. Learn different Korean dishes simply by watching what I do in this video and try make it at home Big thumbs up for those people clicking “like” and “subscribe”. Thank you for watching my Cookbang channel *The secret to cooking braised pork ribs with aged Kimchi successfully* 1/ Make sure you soak pork ribs in cold water for at least two hours or even overnight if you can. Change water in between to drain excess blood 2/ Use well aged/ripe cabbage Kimchi 3/ When you poach the pork ribs, make sure you wait till water boils vigorously 4/ If you can’t make anchovy kelp broth, then add 1 tablespoon of Korean beef Dasida (stock powder) 5/If you are living in somewhere that’s nowhere near having access to Korean grocery shop then add conventional beef or chicken stock 6/ Do not only use fine korean chilli powder. Use either coarse or mixture of coarse and fine chilli powder *Ingredients* ½ whole cabbage Kimchi 1.2 kg Pork ribs. (this is more than enough amount, you can even use 800g-1 kg for 4-5 people serving) 1 Spring onions 2-3 Chilli 1 TBS Brown sugar Ground pepper 1 TBS Korean soy sause for soup purpose (Called Gook Gan Jang) 1 TBS Minced garlic 1 TBS Korean soybean paste 1 TS Korean chili paste 3 TBS Korea chilli powder (mixture of fine and coarse or just coarse) 3 TBS Korean Soysauce (5-6 TBS if not stuffing chicken with Kimchi) 1 TBS Brown sugar 3 TBS Mirin (Asian cooking wine) or substitute with leftover Soju TBS = Tablespoon tsp = TeaSpoon