[KOR/ENG] 들어는 봤나? 김.치.품.닭. 김치 치즈 품은 닭. 허니 간장 치킨 업그레이드 버젼. Kimchi Stuffed Chick


(KOR/ENG) 들어는 봤나? 김.치.품.닭. 김치 치즈 품은 닭. 허니 간장 치킨 업그레이드 버젼. Kimchi Stuffed Chicken #허니간장치킨#SoyHoneyChicken#야식#ChiMaek#Cheese#구운치킨#BakedKoreanChicken Hi Guys. Welcome to MonkeySee MonkeyDo Cookbang kitchen I’m here to demonstrate Korean Cookbang in English to share our authentic Korean cuisine. Learn different Korean dishes simply by watching what I do in this video and try make it at home Big thumbs up for those people clicking “like” and “subscribe”. Thank you for watching my Cookbang channel *The secret to cooking Kimchi stuffed Chick successfully* 1/ Make sure you don’t use fresh Kimchi to stuff drumsticks. 2/ When frying Kimchi in the pan, cook it at a low heat and stir consistently to prevent burn but to fully drain and evaporate moisture 3/ If the Kimchi you using is too aged, add a bit of sugar to relieve sourness of the Kimchi 4/ Make sure you stuff mozzarella cheese first prior stuffing Kimchi, so the cheese remains inside the drumsticks while cooking 5/ To judge how much Kimchi you are using, just imagine that the Kimchi becomes half the portion after getting pan fried and loses the moisture kept inside. *Ingredients* 2 cup Kimchi 2 Spring onions(Optional) 1 KG Chicken drumsticks 1 Cup Mozzarella cheese Ground pepper Garlic & Herb salt (You can use table salt too) 3 TBS Korean Soysauce (5-6 TBS if not stuffing chicken with Kimchi) 1 TBS Brown sugar 0.5 tsp Ginger powder 2 TBS Mirin (Asian cooking wine) 2 TBS Ol-Lee-Go-Dang (Corn sugar syrup) 1 TBS Olive oil (or just a cooking oil) 1 TBS Minced garlic Parsley (Optional) TBS = Tablespoon tsp = TeaSpoon Cup = 250ml