[KOR/ENG] 시간없을때, 입맛 없을때, 야식땡길때 처방전 김치비빔국수. Super quick Kimchi spicy noodle



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150g Cabbage Kimchi (make sure it’s a ripe kimchi)

So Myun (Korean dried buckwheat thin noodle)

Lettuce leaves (Optional)

¼ Cucumber (Optional)

1 Boiled egg (Optional)

Sesame seed (Optional)


1 TBSP Korean Soy Sauce

1 TBSP Sugar

1 TBSP Korean chilli powder

1 TBSP Go Chu Jang ( Red pepper paste)

½ TBSP Oligodang (Corn starch syrup) Sesame oil

TBSP = Tablespoon

tsp = Teaspoon

*The secret to make Kimchi pancake/ Kimchi Jeon successfully*

1/ Use well aged/ripe cabbage Kimchi

2/ Add ½ cup of cold water when noodle’s getting cooked in boiling water in between for twice

3/ Rince the noodle under icy cold water immediately after you drain from hot boiling water

4/ Add the sauce as your liking, not all at once